Exercise 5. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative. 1. It is 10 o'clock now. 2. They have got five children. 3. You are late. 4. He is hard-working. 5. We have got a small cottage. 6. I have much time. 7. We are students. 8. She has got many English books. 9. There are 14 floors in their house. 10. I am from Kiev. 11. His name is Steve. 12. He is a first-year student. 13. He is twenty. 14. They are at home. 15. It is warm today. 16. There are 15 employees in his office. 17. The office is large. 18. They are lawyers. 19. Her eyes are green. 20. They are friends.

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  1. 1. Is it 10 o'clock now? It isn't 10 o'clock now. 2. Have they got five children? They haven't got five children. 3. Are you late? You aren't late. 4. Is he hard-working? He isn't hard-working. 5. Have we got a small cottage? We haven't got a small cottage. 6. Do I have much time? I don't have much time. 7. Are we students? We are not students. 8. Has she got many English books? She hasn't got many English books. 9. Are there 14 floors in their house? There aren't 14 floors in their house. 10. Am I from Kiev? I am not from Kiev. 11. Is his name Steve? His name isn't Steve. 12. Is he a first-year student? He isn't a first-year student. 13. Is he twenty? He isn't twenty. 14. Are they at home? They are not at home. 15. Is it warm today? It isn't warm today. 16. Are there 15 employees in his office? There are not 15 employees in his office. 17. Is the office large? The office isn't large. 18. Are they lawyers? They aren't lawyers. 19. Are her eyes green? Her eyes aren't green. 20. Are they friends? They are not friends.
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