Circle the correct item 1. It (was snowing/snowed) heavily when she (lloked/was lookong) out of the window. 2. I (was seeing/saw) a friendly dog while I (was walking/walked) to work today. 3. Yesterday, he9was leaving/left) work and (took/was taking) the bus straight home

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  1. 7 апреля, 13:25
    1. It was snowing heavily when she looked out of the window. - Когда она выглянула в окно, шел сильный снег.

    2. I saw a friendly dog while I was walking to work today. - Я видел дружелюбную собаку, пока я шел на работу сегодня.

    3. Yesterday, he left work and took the bus straight home. - Вчера он ушел с работы и поехал на автобусе прямо домой.
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