1. to be / get used to something / doing something - быть привычным, привыкать к чему-либо / делать что-либо Jane was used___her father's friends You will have to get used__get__up early 2. to prevent somebody from doing something - мешать, препятствовать кому-либо делать что-либо Friends can't be prevented__seeing each other You can't prevent this cat__eat__mice 3. to succeed in something / doing something - удаваться, добиваться успеха в чем-либо / делании чего-либо Some people can't succeed__anything We all hope to succeed__pass__our exams

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  1. 9 июля, 09:18
    1. Jane was used to her father's friends.

    2. You will have to get used to getting up early.

    3. Friends can't be prevented from seeing each other.

    4. You can't prevent this cat from eating mice.

    5. Some people can't succeed in anything.

    6. We all hope to succeed in passing our exams.
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