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Переведите на английский язык, употребляя глагол to be в Present Simple. Past Simple или Future Simple 1-Она сейчас во дворе?2-Где папа?3-Где вы были вчера?4-Мои книги были на столе. Где они сейчас?5-Моя мама вчера не была на работе. Она была дома. 6-Мой друг не в парке Он в школе. 7-Завтра в три часа Коля и Миша будут во дворе. 8-Мы не были на юге прошлым летом. Мы были в Москве. 9-Они не были в кино. 10-Они не в школе. 11-Они дома. 12-Вы были в парке вчера?13-Он был в школе вчера? 14-Он был рабочим. 15-Она была учительницей.

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    1. Is she in the yard now?

    2. Where is father?

    3. Where were you yesterday?

    4. My books were on the table. Where are they now?

    5. My mother was not at work yesterday. She was at home.

    6. My friend is not in the park. He is at school.

    7. Tomorrow at three o'clock Kolya and Misha will be in the yard.

    8. We were not in the south last summer. We were in Moscow.

    9. They were not at the cinema.

    10. They are not at school.

    11. They are at home.

    12. Were you in the park yesterday?

    13. Was he at school yesterday?

    14. He was a worker.

    15. She was a teacher.
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