Выбери правильный ответ. 1. He ... buy the book yesterday. a) didn't b) doesn't c) wasn't 2. She didn't ... the song. a) likes b) like c) liked 3 ... a cassette in box yesterday. a) There is b) There were c) There was 4 ... the present? a) Did she like b) Did she liked c) She liked 5. Sam ... in Moscow last year. a) is b) was c) were 6. Bill ... a letter yesterday. a) sent b) send c) sends 7. It is ... beautiful room in the house. a) more b) most c) the most 8. What ... in the bag? a) there is b) is it c) is there 9. I think they ... happy there. a) will b) be c) will be 10. The day was cold. It was ... rainy and cloudy. a) - b) a c) the

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  1. 1. He didn't buy the book yesterday.

    2. She didn't like the song.

    3. There was a cassette in box yesterday.

    4. Did she like the present?

    5. Sam was in Moscow last year.

    6. Bill sent a letter yesterday.

    7. It is the most beautiful room in the house.

    8. What is there in the bag?

    9. I think they will be happy there.

    10. The day was cold. It was rainy and cloudy.
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