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Упр. 4. Составьте предложения, выражающие удивление, сомнение по поводу событий, относящихся к различному времени. Используйте модель. Model: She can play the piano. a) all day yesterday b) often c) now a) She can't have been playing the piano all day yesterday. b) She can't often play the piano. c) She can't be playing the piano now. 1. He reads English newspapers. a) every day b) now c) last night 2. She speaks French. a) often b) at the last conference c) at this moment 3. Ann understands jokes. a) always b) tomorrow c) at the party yesterday 4. Bob lives in London. a) from 1990 till 1999 b) last summer c) now 5. They translate English text. a) at every lesson b) by 9 o'clock yesterday c) now

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    1. He doesn't read English newspapers every day.

    He isn't reading English newspapers now.

    He didn't read English newspapers last night.

    2. She doesn't often speak French.

    She didnt speak French at the last conference.

    She isn't speaking French at this moment.

    3. Ann doesn't always understand jokes.

    Ann won't understand jokes tomorrow.

    Ann didn't understand jokes at the party yesterday.

    4. Bob hadn't been living in London from 1990 till 1999.

    Bob didn't live in London last summer.

    Bob doesn't live in London now.

    5. They don't translate an English text at every lesson.

    They hadn't translated an English text by 9 o'clock yesterday.

    They aren't translating an English text now.
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