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She ... thinks about her past. A) often b) usually c) never ... You stay at home yesterday? A) do B) did c) does. Are there ... eggs in the fridge? A) some b) not any c) any. Omar is ... than Victor. a) shorter b) shortest c) tall. what time ... Maria usually arrive at scholl? A) do b) are c) does ... He play tennis last sunday a) do b) did c) does

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  1. 14 февраля, 03:01
    1. She never thinks about her past. - Она никогда не думает о своем прошлом.

    2. Did you stay at home yesterday? - Вы вчера остались дома?

    3. Are there any eggs in the fridge? - Есть ли яйца в холодильнике?

    4. Omar is shorter than Victor. - Омар ниже Виктора.

    5. What time does Maria usually arrive at school? - В какое время Мария обычно приходит в школу?

    6. Did he play tennis last Sunday? - Он играл в теннис в прошлое воскресенье?
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