1. Выберите правильный вариант: She always ... to the college every day (is going / has gone / goes) 2. Выберите правильный вариант: We ... to London in 2002 (moves / has moved / moved) 3. You do not look well; you ... consult the doctor (must / should / could) 4. Peter ... has scolpture two weeks ago (has made / makes / made) 5. Составьте к предложению 3 вопроса: а) общий, б) специальный, в) разделительный. I made this sculpture last week.

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  1. 26 марта, 05:48
    a) 1. She always goes (Present Simple) to the college every day. 2. We moved (Past Simple) to London in 2002. 3. You do not look well; you should consult the doctor. 4. Peter made (Past Simple) his sculpture two weeks ago.

    b) I made this sculpture last week.

    General question:

    Did I make this sculpture last week?

    Tag question:

    I made this sculpture last week, didn't I?

    Special questions:

    Who made this sculpture last week?

    When did I make this sculpture?

    What did I make last week?
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