Say what you should/shouldn't do if you want to keep fit. Example: We should take some exercise to keep fit.

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  1. 25 августа, 00:36

    1. We should do morning exercises every day to keep fit.

    2. We should eat fruits and vegetables.

    3. We should sleep 8 hours a day and go to bed at 10 o'clock.

    4. We should work every day and be more on the fresh air.

    5. We should do sports to keep fit.


    1. We shouldn't eat a lot in the evening.

    2. We shouldn't eat a lot of sweets and cakes, biscuits.

    3. We shouldn't be lazy.

    4. We shouldn't smoke.

    5. We shouldn't we drink fuzzy drinks.

    6. We shouldn't work hard, we should have rest.
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