Попробуйте докажите, что следующие утверждения правдивы. Summer is the best season of a year. You can have a lot of fun in winter. Autumn is a dull season. Autumn is a colourful season. Autumn is a "tasty" season. In spring nature awakens from her long winter sleep. Nature is full of wonders.

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  1. 18 июня, 18:09

    1. In summer the days arc longer and warmer and the nights are shorter. Nobody goes to school! So you can have a lot of fun!

    2. In winter you can skate, ski, play snowballs and sledge.

    3. The grass is yellow. The leaves fall down from the trees. It often rains. It's often cold.

    4. The leaves on the trees are of different colours - green, yellow, orange, red and brown.

    5. There are a lot of fruit and vegetables in autumn.

    6. The leaves are small and green. The grass is green, too.

    7. Different animals and birds, seas and rivers, mountains and fields, different seasons make our nature more interesting!
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