C Adverb or adjective? (1-2) Decide what you need to say. End your sentence with an adverb ending in - ly. Tell the police that you can't remember the accident. It isn't very clear in your mind. I can't remember the accident very clearly. 1. Tell your friend that United won the game. It was an easy win. 2. Tell your boss that you've checked the figures. You've been careful. 3. Tell your neighbor that his dog barked at you. It was very fierce. 4. You are phoning your friend. Tell him about the rain where you are. It's quite heav

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  1. 28 августа, 06:13
    1. United won the game easily. 2. I've checked the figures carefully. 3. Your dog barked at me fiercely. 4. It's raining heavily here.

    Наречия в английском языке также образуются от прилагательных и имеют суффикс - ly. Отвечают на вопрос "как?" ("how?")
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