Рассказ на английском языке "комната моей мечты"

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  1. 9 июля, 03:09
    I'd like to have a big and very light room. I'd like it to be comfortable and cosy. I'd like to have a big bed with wonderful bedclothes, soft pillows and blankets. Also I want a big case-compartment in order all my clothes and shoes could fit in it. And I have a lot of clothes and shoes, and always can't find anything in my present wardrobe. Also I want my windows to be big with vents and blinds. It's comfortable in sunny or rainy weather. It would be wonderful if there is soft leather sofa in my room. That's why I'm able to invite my friends to parties. Actually I like my present room, but I need some changes in it. And of course, it will look like room of my dream.
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