20 апреля, 15:31

Написать рассказ о семье 10 предложений (презент симпл)

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  1. 20 апреля, 17:02
    1. I do love my family.

    2. I have a mother, a father and a brother.

    3. My brother's name is Artem and he's 11 years old.

    4. My mother's name is Olena and she is 40 years old.

    5. My father's name is Dima and he is 42 years old.

    6. I like going camping with my family.

    7. We usually go to the restaurant every month with my family.

    8. Each member of my family is nice, polite and friendly.

    9. I like spending time with my family.

    10. My family's favourite dish is roast chicken with potatoes.
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