perevedite: My grandpa lives in a small town.

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  1. 20 марта, 09:02
    Мой дедушка живет в маленьком городке. - [maɪ ˈgrænpɑː livz ɪn ə smɔːl taʊn]

    My grandpa does not live in a small town.

    Does my grandpa live in a small town?

    Who lives in a small town?

    Whose grandpa lives in a small town?

    Where does my grandpa live?

    What town does my grandpa live in?

    Does my grandpa or do my grandparents live in a small town?

    Does my grandpa live or stay in a small town?

    Does my grandpa live in a small or big town?

    Does my grandpa live in a small town or in a small village?

    My grandpa lives in a small town, does not he?
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