3. Transform the sentences from the active into the passive. 1. John Mills is preparing an expedition to the North Pole. 2. Many TV networks will film the expedition. 3. They are going to show the expedition on national television. 4. John Mills has already bought all the necessary equipment. 5. He is going to set up an observation camp there. 6. Many people have raised objections to this expedition. 1. The chief architects and engineers are discussing the project of a new trade centre. 2. The general managers have already signed all the necessary documents. 3. They are going to start building works in April. 4. Many building firms will support the project. 5. They are going to build the biggest trade and entertainment centre in the region. 6. The public has raised objections to this project.

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  1. 27 марта, 21:16
    1. An expedition to the North Pole is being prepared by John Mills.

    2. The expedition will be filmed by many TV networks.

    3. The expedition is going to be shown on national television.

    4. All the necessary equipment has already been bought by John Mills.

    5. An observation camp is going to be set up there.

    6. Objections to this expedition have been raised by many people.

    1. The project of a new trade centre is being discussed by the chief architects and engineers.

    2. All the necessary documents have already been signed by the general managers.

    3. Building works are going to be started in April.

    4. The project will be supported by many building firms.

    5. The biggest trade and entertainment centre in the region is going to be built.

    6. Objections to this project have been raised by the public.
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