9 сентября, 19:33

Не большое. Сочинение на тему "как телевизор влияет на жизнь". Нужно 10-12 предложений!

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  1. 9 сентября, 20:44
    Watching TV is very popular nowadays. But television is not only a source of information, it can do harm if one watches TV too much.

    On the one hand, television offers a wide range of useful programs: educational, cultural, documentary and entertaining. One can learn new interesting facts or the latest news watching TV.

    On the other hand, some TV programs can be just a waste of time. There is no much sense to learn gossips and particularities of private lives of famous persons, instead of enjoying your own life.

    To sum up, TV can make a person both more stupid and more educated, it depends upon the choice of content.
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