составте 6 предложений с was were утвердительные отрицательные и вопросительные

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  1. 24 июня, 06:02
    1. She was go to school last week.

    2. They were listen to music yesterday.

    3. He was go to the shop last Friday.

    4. She wasn't go to school last week.

    5. They weren't listen to music yesterday.

    He wasn't go to the shop ...

    6. Was he go to the shop last Friday?

    Were they listen to music yesterday?
  2. 24 июня, 06:02
    1. I was happy.

    Was I happy?

    I was not happy.

    2. You were busy yesterday.

    Were you busy yesterday?

    You were not busy yesterday.

    3. He was late again.

    Was he late again?

    He was not late again.

    4. They were hungry.

    Were they hungry?

    They were not hungry.

    5. She was a good student.

    Was she a good student?

    She was not a good student.

    6. It was a difficult lesson.

    Was it a difficult lesson?

    It was not a difficult lesson.
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