Составьте ситуацию, использую следующие слова и словосочетания: a self - service shop, to look for, a shop window, to display goods, shop assistant, to serve the customer, a basket, a counter, cashier, to cost, to give back the change be on sale, to be sold out, to recommend, a, to be lucky.

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  1. 20 июня, 18:20
    Nowadays all clothes shops are self-service shops. That means that you can chose whatever you like yourself. If you are looking for an item of clothes of your dream first browse all the shop windows to find just a perfect match for you. In a good shop all the goods are beautifully displayed on the racks and shop assistants are eager to serve the customers and recommend this or that article. You can be lucky to find some wonderful items on sale, but be careful as some sizes are likely to be sold out. Don't forget to look at the tag to find out how much the item costs. When you have stuffed you basket with all sorts of clothes, you must go to the counter to pay for your purchase. A smiling cashier will take your money for the clothes and give back the change.
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