Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму (Present Perfect) 1. He has baughl a new bike 2. I've sent a letter to my friend 3. She has made a very bad mistake. 4 The children have gone to bed 5 I have seen a mouse in the kitchen. 6. We've met our business partners. 7 I've lost my student identity card 8 They have cleaned their rooms 9 The tourists have visited the National Gallery. 10. The teacher has checked our tests 11. Harry has broken his car 12 I've forgotten his phone number 13 They have left for Rome 14 Mary has seen this film 15 We have read this deteclive story. 16 He has taken my credit card.

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  1. 18 марта, 15:37
    Has he bought a new bike? He hasn't bought a new bike. Have you sent a letter to your friend? I haven't sent a letter to my friend. Has she made a very bad mistake? She hasn't made a very bad mistake. Have the children gone to bed? The children haven't gone to bed. Have you seen a mouse in the kitchen? I haven't seen a mouse in the kitchen. Have you met your business partners? We haven't met our business partners. Have you lost your student identity card? I haven't lost my student identity card. Have they cleaned their rooms? They haven't cleaned their rooms. Have the tourists visited the National Gallery? The tourists haven't visited the National Gallery. Has the teacher checked our tests? The teacher hasn't checked our tests. Has Harry broken his car? Harry hasn't broken his car. Have you forgotten his phone number? I haven't forgotten his phone number. Have they left for Rome? They haven't left for Rome. Has Mary seen this film? Mary hasn't seen this film. Have you read this detective story? We haven't read this detective story. Has he taken my credit card? He hasn't taken my credit card.
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