1. terence works at the university (does he/doesn't he) 2You play basketball, (don't you / do you) 3. you called her (didn't you / did you) 4. patrick always watches television (does he / doesn't he) 5. Diana doesn't like chinese food (does she/doesn't she)

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  1. 6 сентября, 09:44
    1. Terence works at the university. (does he/doesn't he) - Does he work at the university? Doesn't he work at the university.

    Terence works at the university, doesn't he?

    2 You play basketball. (don't you / do you) - Do you play basketball? Don't you play basketball?

    You play basketball, don't you?

    3. You called her. (didn't you / did you) - Didn't you call her? Did you call her?

    You called her, don't you?

    4. Patrick always watches television. (does he / doesn't he) - Does he always watch television? Doesn't he always watch television?

    Patrick always watches television, doesn't he?

    5. Diana doesn't like Chinese food. (does she/doesn't she) -

    Does she like Chinese food? Doesn't she like Chinese food?

    Diana doesn't like Chinese food, does she?
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