Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice. 6. They broke the window last week. 7. When I came home, they had eaten the sweets. 8. We shall do the work in the evening. 9. He wrote this book in the 19th century. 10. They were playing tennis from four till five. 16. They will show this film on TV. 17. They are building a new concert-hall in our street. 18. They have made a number of important experiments in this laboratory. 19. Livingstone explored Central Africa in the 19th century. 20. By the middle of autumn we had planted all the trees. 21. They will stage this play at the beginning of next season. 22. They have forgotten the story. 23. Has anybody explained the rules of the game to you? 24. They haven't brought back my skates.

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  1. 13 июля, 01:16
    1. The window was broken last week.

    2. When I came home, the sweets had been eaten.

    3. The work will be done in the evening.

    4. This book was written in the 19-th century.

    5. Tennis was being played from four till five.

    6. This film will be shown on TV.

    7. A new concert-hall is being built in our street.

    8. A number of important experiments have been made in this laboratory.

    9. Central Africa was explored by Livingstone in the 19-th century.

    10. By the middle of autumn all the trees had been planted.

    11. This play will be staged at the beginning of next season.

    12. The story has been forgotten.

    13. Have you been explained the rules of the game?

    14. My skates haven't been brought back.
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