Напишите письмо ответ и отвечая на вапросы Jessica-беря предложения из текста. Dear Victoria, Hello from England! You wanted to know about my cchool. Well I go to primary school. I like going to school. School is fun and all my class mates are very nice. My school is not very big but my classroom is very big. There is a class zoo in there! We've got a lot of subjects at school. I find schoolwork easy. My favorite subjects are Art. English, Maths and Music. I'm good at reading but I am not good at spelling. I hate spelling tests and I don't like doing my homework. Best of all I like breaktime. Do you like going to school?

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  1. 10 февраля, 06:25
    Dear Jessica,

    I was very happy to get your letter. Sorry, I have not written for long time, I have been very busy with my tennis training that month.

    In your letter you speak about your school and subjects and I see, that we have things in common: I also adore my classmates, they are very nice. We have got a lot of subjects at school and I prefer the Art, Maths, Music and I do not like doing my homework too.

    Best wishes to you and your family,

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