Ответь на вопросы о своих летних каникулах. 1) Where do you usually go for your summer holidays? 2) Where were you last summer? 3) Where are you going this summer? 4) What are you going to do there? 5) How will you travel to this place - by train, by plane, by bus or by car? 6) Do you like to travel? 7) What can you do when you are on the train? 8) Is the place you live in an interesting place? 9) What can you do in this place in summer?

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  1. 23 августа, 20:20
    1. When I have my summer holidays I usually go to the sea, visit my grandparents or go to the forest.

    2. Last summer I was in the forest with my best friends.

    3. This summer I am going to the sea with my parents.

    4. We will travel by car because we have recently bought a new one in the car shop.

    5. I like to travel especially in the summer.

    6. When I am on the train I can meet new people, listen to music or read a book.

    7. The place where I live is so wonderful, there is a cinema and a new swimming pool.

    8. I can go to the cinema or to the skate park in the summer.
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