Write sentences with ' s or s' my friend / school the girl / hair

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  1. 28 июня, 22:16
    My friend's name is Jack.

    This is my friend's school.

    The girl's name is Mary.

    The girl's names are Mary and Jane.

    The girl's hair is long.

    We are in Tom's house.

    This is my friends' dog.

    The dog's name is Jack.

    The cats' names are Milky and Murky.

    These are the girl's books.

    We take Mary's pens.

    Tom's apples are red.

    The boys' room is large.

    The men's hats are black.

    The children's toys are colourful.

    The woman's dress is beautiful.

    The women's bags are green and red.

    The horse'e tail is long.

    The horses' eyes are clever.
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