Поставьте глаголы в скобках в present simple или present continuous when i to see him yesterday, he to speak to his teacher. when my sister to wash up yesterday she to break a cup. mother to have breakfast at 8 ociock yesterday. i to have dinner at the restaurant last sunday. when i to prepare breakfast in the morning, i to cut my finger. when you to ring up my sister yesterday she to sleep. i to cook meat soup last monday. when my grandparents to come to visit me last monday, to cook meat soup. when i to open the door my friends to sit at table and to have dinner. when nick entered the ban, the barman to stand behind the counter and to make cocktails ... you to work at 3 oclock yesterday? - no, i to have a rest. my frend to phone me yesterday from london. when he to phone me, i to have tea with my frends. i to prepare dishes for the evening party the whole yesterdays afternoon. my brother to translate an article from a newspaper the whole saturdays evening.

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  1. 9 июля, 11:28
    1. When I saw him yesterday, he was speaking to his teacher.

    2. When my sister was washing up yesterday she broke a cup.

    3. Mother was having breakfast at 8 o'clock yesterday.

    4. I had dinner at the restaurant last Sunday.

    5. When I was preparing breakfast in the morning, I cut my finger.

    6. When you rang up my sister yesterday, she was sleeping.

    7. I cooked meat soup last Monday.

    8. When my grandparents came to visit me last Monday, I was cooking meat soup.

    9. When I opened the door my friends were sitting at table and having dinner.

    10. When Nick entered the bar, the barman wa standing behind the counter and making cocktails.

    11. Were you working at 3 oclock yesterday? - No, I was having a rest.

    12. My friend phoned me yesterday from London.

    13. When he phoned me, I was having tea with my friends.

    14. I was preparing dishes for the evening party the whole yesterdays afternoon.

    14. My brother was translating an article from a newspaper the whole Saturday evening.
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