1. When i (to came) home, my mother (to play) the piano 2. What you (to do) at eight o; clock yesterday?-i (to watch) TV 3. Nelly (not, go) to school yesterday. 4. While my mother (to cook) dinner my father (to read) a newspaper 5. What Fred (to do) yesterday?-He (to visit) his Granny Open the brakets (Past Simple, Past Continuos)

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  1. 30 августа, 02:16
    1. When I came home, my mother was playing the piano. - Когда я пришел домой, моя мама играла на пианино.

    2. What were you doing at eight o'clock yesterday? - I was watching TV. - Что вы делали в восемь часов вчера? - Я смотрел телевизор.

    3. Nelly did not go to school yesterday. - Нелли вчера не ходила в школу.

    4. While my mother was cooking dinner my father was reading a newspaper. - Пока моя мать готовила ужин, мой отец читал газету.

    5. What did Fred do yesterday? - He visited his Granny. - Что сделал Фред вчера? Он посетил свою бабушку.
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