Вставь пропущенные слова am is are по англискому

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  1. 22 июня, 23:43
    1. I am a student.

    2. You are an engineer.

    3. My mother is a teacher. Her eyes are blue, her hair is dark.

    4. Tom's cat is big and kind.

    5. Susan is a cook. She works at the cafe.

    6. Alina is a pupil. She is very clever.

    7. Marina is good at mathematics.

    8. My new book is very interesting.

    9. My aunt and uncle are doctors.

    10. My brothers are engineers.

    11. Diana is a beautiful girl.

    12. Margo is tall.

    13. The game is fun.

    14. Their names are Elias and Miranda.

    15. My father is a brave man.
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