Состоит рассказ про друга что она делает утром. в каком часу встаёт, делает зарядку, моет лицо и руки, завтракает. все это по английском языке, на 2 ой класс.

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  1. 17 июня, 08:53
    I have a friend. Her name is Mary. In the morning she usually gets up at seven o'clock. She makes her bed and does her morning exercises. Then she goes to the bathroom and washes her face and hands. She also cleans her teeth every morning. At half past seven she has her breakfast with her family. After breakfast she puts her books, copybooks, pens and pencils in her bag and leaves home for school at ten minutes past eight. Her school is not far from her house, so it takes her ten minets to get there. Her classes begin at half past eight in the morning.
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