Сочинение на тему достропремечательности Лондона

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  1. 20 июня, 00:53
    There are many interesting places in London. I ' ll tell you about a few of them. First of course it is the world - famous bell located in the tower of the Palace of Westminster. E very day hundreds of tourists come to see the Big Ben. The Parliament building is called the Palace of Westminster. It occupies a huge area and has a very beautiful architecture.

    It is important to see the famous tower bridge over the Thames. The Thames is the longest river in Britain. You can take a tour of the river by boat. St. Paul ' s Cathedral is very popular among tourists. Its building has a historical value. London has many beautiful parks and squares. London is also famous for its museums. The most famous are the national gallery and Madame Tussauds Museum.
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