how much do you know about life in 1599 try answer the questions. 1Were there any castles?2Was there aueen or a king?3Were there beds in the houses?4Was there any furniture in the houses? 5Were there toilets in the houses? 6Did people have oranges? 7Did people have sugar? 8Did people have plates? 9Did people have spoons? 10Did people eat with their hands? 11Did people Use any medicine?

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  1. 30 июня, 05:41
    1. Yes, there were some castles in 1599. 2) Yes, there were kings and queens in 1599. 3) Yes, there were beds in the houses in 1599. 4) Yes, there was some furniture in the houses in 1599. 5) No, there were no toilets in the houses in 1599. 6) Yes, people had oranges in 1599. 7) Yes, people had sugar in 1599. 8) Yes, they had plates in 1599. 9) Yes, people had spoons in 1599. 10) No, people didn't eat with their hands in 1599. 11) yes, people had some medicine in 1599.
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